FREE Tee Sunday is (Almost) HERE!

What is it? Original Piece wants to celebrate and bring Awareness that Everyone is Original!

When? One July 16th at NOON we are giving away tee shirts to Spread the Awareness that we are all Original.

Why? Being Original is worth celebrating and embracing! When you wear one of our signature Original Piece tee’s you are celebrating you are original. Through our now infamous ‘Gatsby’ Dalmatian logo, we are showing that no people are a like just like no two dalmatians are spotted the same.

How? Our company decided that we needed to bring Awareness to Being Original. Which actually means we all need to bring awareness to ourselves because if we are not careful society, social media, television, Hollywood, school to name a few, will take our own special Originality away!

Our FREE Limited Edition t-shirts are 100% cotton and screen printed with an Original saying each month so when they are gone they are gone. But if you miss out, don’t worry next month we will have Free Tee Sunday again with a whole knew design!

Are they Free? Yes! All we ask is that you pay $9.99 for shipping and handling for your 100% cotton limited edition Tee!

Collect Them All!

Available at at 12 noon July 16th!
So go a head and celebrate who you are and bring awareness to everyone that we are all Originals.

Tamara, Founder


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