The Kylie Vacation Collection Review

My alter ego ‘Karly’ Kardashian Makeup look featuring the bold bright Vacation collection!
For my birthday I got the Limited Edition Vacation Collection by Kylie Cosmetics. I got the entire collection minus the Wet Set. The Wet Set was over $60 just for the one palette so I decided to opt out and not get it.
Today I tried for the first time the Take Me on Vacation palette from the collection. I have to say I love it! The colors go on smoothly and are vibrant for a summer look. On the outer corner of my eyes I used ‘Coconut’ and ‘Luxury.’ Next I used the infamous ‘Island Girl’ and really made my eyes pop. Underneath my eyes I used Luxury. Overall, the shades are on pointe and I absolutely love them!

Next I tried the Ultra Glow loose highlighting powder in Fiji. I have to say it is GORGEOUS! It is super pigmented so a little of it goes a long long way! It is summer so on my cheeks I use the Skinny Dip bronzer and added that touch of bronze glow on my cheeks.

On my lips I used June Bug and OMG it’s GORGEOUS too! I don’t have another color like it and it went on amazing. Definitely my new favorite shade for summertime.
I am in love with the new Kylie Collection Vacation Set. See more on my INSTA and SNAP @HeyitsCarlyRae
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor 


4 Comments on The Kylie Vacation Collection Review

  1. Great post! That palette looks crazy cute! Check out my latest posts?
Mena |

  2. Thanks for sharing! I had thought about this palette, but some of the colors looked a little bit crazy to me. It’s so cute on you though! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I was very strictly against giving any of the K’s my money- but I’m slowly moving towards just doing it anyway :/

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