For King and Country

For King and Country, the 2 time Grammy Award Winning brother duo, Luke and Joel have introduced to us another one of their inspirational and moving songs once again! For King and Country dropped another hit “O God Forgive Us” from Run Wild Live Free Long Strong Anniversary Edition album about a month ago. However, they introduced a music video to go along with it. The “O God Forgive Us” music video is probably their best yet!
It features Christian rapper KD. But there is a special guest in the video. Luke Smallbone, one of the 2 brothers of For King and Country had his 2 children star in their music, Jude and Phoenix Alexander who are in between the ages of 3-5, and KB’s son also makes a special appearance. “O God Forgive Us” focus on unity and bringing people of all differences together. The Smallbone brothers and their band wrote the song in late 2016 and performed it on stage with KB and the audience loved it so much! The song is all about life events that occur and challenges. “O God Forgive Us” is all about the battles you are fighting and asking God for forgiveness. The song shows hope for people with all the violence that is occurring globally. For King and Country wanted to capture a source of light, which they did. In the video, there are tapes of all the worlds destruction that plays in front of the young and older Smallbone brothers as they sing. The music video features their lyrics of the song as well. “O God Forgive Us” has an acoustic/upbeat rhythm to it. For King and Country is famous for their own unique style. You can always identify a For King and Country song on the radio!

“O God Forgive Us” may have been their last song of their past album, but the brother duo is in the works currently writing and recording songs for a new album that may be introduced later this year, it hasn’t yet been announced. But they have been giving their fans sneak peaks via Instagram.

The brothers and their band are on tour and playing shows non-stop all this summer across the U.S. and Canada. They recently were in  New York playing on Fox and Friends. They have 37 more shows this year and maybe more to come! For King and Country also announced a Christmas special with Grammy award winning band Casting Crowns this December. Luke and Joel also just got done winning 3 Dove Awards in one night a few weeks ago for Group/Duo of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Song of the Year for Priceless. Luke Smallbone was performing yesterday at a show with For King and country and had to cut it short when he got a phone call his son was about to be born. Luke and his wife Courtney now have 3 sons.
The Smallbone brothers are definitely amazing and have a special way of bringing people closer to God. Check out their music video of “O God Forgive Us” below! Note: the photos are from Google Image.

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