Perfect Purse Makeup Organizer

Whether I don’t have time to apply my make-up or need a quick touch up, I like to have my make-up with me. However, being on the go and in a hurry often times I forget to grab my mascara or my face powder.
I was happy to discover the Beauty File on QVC. The price is amazing at $15.09. It works amazing. Just like a binder from school, you have tabs with labels. This ensures you stay organized, prevents my makeup from breaking, and helps you not to forget your essentials. The beauty file has a mirror and a brush compartment, so you can truly get ready on the go.

Did I mention they are easy to transport and come in fun, bold patterns making it a fashion accessory?! 🙂 Now, we face the dilemma of what beauty products will go into the beauty file, and what will stay with the make-up table…
-Nina, OGP Stylist

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