My New Sports Drink

When you think of summer you think of hot outdoor activities. Going to the beach, boating, a day at the pool, gardening, or summer sports. What you don’t think about is staying hydrated. I did a 5K run not to long ago and at the finish line they had waiting Body Armor Super Drink.
I had never tried it and I thought it was refreshing after running 3 miles. This drink hit the spot because it not only quenched my thirst it provided electrolytes and 700 mg of potassium. This super drink also supplies you with 200% of your daily need in vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9 AND B12. If that is not impressive this drink also contains 100% of our daily need of vitamin E, A and D. There is coconut water and they are flavored with natural sweeteners.
I now keep these drinks as a staple in the refrigerator for those days when we need extra hydration.

This drink is a super hydrator and is available at the grocery store by the sports drinks.

-Tamara, Founder


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