Calling All Guys Your Shaving Cream Just Got Better!

The gals have everything and the guys just don’t. Men do not have the choices women do. If you go to Target for example, women have aisle after aisle of toiletries to pick from. Men literally have one aisle!  Well, I found a product for men that makes up for it and beats out women when it comes to shaving by Pacific Shaving Co.
Single use mini shaving cream water soluble pods! They are like what you use in the dishwasher only smaller and lather into a rich cream for guys to shave with. How absolutely awesome is that? My 18 year old son put them to the test and thought they were a great idea. The only complaint was the mint scent, he prefers a traditional sandalwood shaving cream smell. He thought they leathered well and just one mini pod will last you.
These things are great for traveling too. Simply put in the palm of your hand, wet your pod under warm water, and rub together with your other hand and leather.

Available at Target for $6.69 and good for 40 shaves!

-Tamara, Founder


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