Forever a Favorite

I went for a makeover at Sephora last week and loved it.  We were doing a big photoshoot for Fourth Dimension, my faith based g beads and I thought a Sephora makeover would be perfect.
I got stuck applying my makeup the same way and using the same make-up. My makeover taught me different ways to apply my makeup and to use different brands. My makeup artist was very good, which made my makeover experience fantastic. I am hooked on Make Up Forever. I love their lipstick and eyeshadows. In this photo I am wearing Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick in Natural Beige for $20. The lipstick is a favorite of mine. It makes my lips look smooth and youthful, not old looking. The colors are pretty and the new matte look is in fashion.
I also bought the trio Make Up Forever Custom Trio Palette for $44 in Sienna, Azure Blue, and Auburn. The eyeshadows are easy to apply and the colors are awesome to pick from. Their eyeshadows go on evenly and blend easily.
I really like Make Up Forever because it has great quality and colors that stay on and do not fade away. Make Up Forever is a Sephora exclusive that is worth the investment.

-Tamara, Founder


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