Fidget to Stop Fidgeting

The latest fad is the Fidget. They are cool to have. We have one and we also have the Fidget Cube. I have boys that have ADHD. One of my boys has a form of high spectrum autism.
Does the Fidget stop fidgeting?  No, not with my kids.

Do they like them? Yes.
The boys like the Fidget better then the Cube. They like spinning the Fidget and doing tricks with it. The Fidget Cube is different and has 5 sides with different things to push and roll. They both are entertaining and they help keep the kids busy when they have to sit still in the car or at a restaurant.

 It is a clever form of therapy for stress and anxiety but my boys simply think they are just fun to use.

-Tamara, Founder


1 Comment on Fidget to Stop Fidgeting

  1. I found a fidget spinner at work that a kid must have left behind… I am playing with it currently and not sure what it is supposed to accomplish lol

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