Get Your Face PhotoFocus Ready on Budget

When it comes to prepping your face and finishing off my makeup look what do you do? It can be really costly right? When it comes to face primers and setting sprays the products can be well over $50 to $100! The two products that I found work the best for me AND are $10 combine are the Wet N Wild Photofocus collection of setting spray and primer. Both of these products are amazing! The primer spray works all day for me. In Florida we do so many outdoor photoshoots my makeup easily feels like it’s melting off. But when I use this Wet N Wild setting spray it stays in place literally all day even if I’m outside.

The face primer is amazing too. It ensures my foundation goes on smoothly and accurately. I absolutely love it. It’s a ‘Magic potion’ that refines your pores, fills fine lines, brightens you completion, AND evens out your skin tone. This product is amazing and lightweight and perfect when your outdoors.
If you’re looking for a good setting spray and primer and are on a budget like me, go for the Wet N Wild brand. The products are easy to apply, actually work, and are cruelty free!

-Heather, Original Beauty Squad

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