Not So Perfect Smoothie

I have a hard time getting my 6 year old and 17 year old to eat fruit. When they are hungry they go for the junk food. This last month I told all my kids they have to eat healthy all the time and make it part of their lifestyle, not a duty.
Still, I was seeing the 2 boys grab the wrong snack foods. So I went out, bought a blender, and thought fruit smoothies would be the answer to get good nutrients into the boys. I picked up Concord Food Smoothie Mix at my local grocery in the produce department, thinking the boys could easily have fun making fruit smoothies. With Smoothie mix you simple add your fruit, milk, and ice.
The boys did not like the banana smoothie. We tried the strawberry flavor Smoothie mix too, but the boys did not like the strawberry flavored either. I tasted Smoothie after they would not drink the strawberry flavor and I can see why. There is a weird taste to the fruit smoothies. The boys did not like the chemical and artificial taste from the flavored powdered smoothie mix. We are going to buy a smoothie recipe book and start from scratch to make the perfect smoothie with no help from Smoothie that promises a great refreshing smoothie. Easy is not always better.

-Tamara, Founder

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