Grace by Philosophy 

I ordered the special addition Grace by Philosophy (fragrance and body emulsion duo) benefiting Cancer and Careers from QVC. As many of you know, Philosophy has become one of my favorite beauty brands of 2017. Their products are high- quality, affordable, and have a positive message.

The Grace fragrance is feminine, light, and with floral notes. I had to have this special edition set because of the ballerina theme. I love the tulle tutu on the bottle with the ballerina design on the perfume label. I grew-up dancing ballet, and a ballerina embodies grace. The word “grace” has such a inspirational message. Every time I wear the fragrance or apply the lotion I feel inspired and uplifted.
-Nina, OGP Stylist

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  1. I used the grace perfume for so long! It was a staple in my collection since the beginning of highschool… throw back💜

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