A New Goal, A New Dream

Happy Wednesday! I love today’s inspirational because it features something vintage, and I love all things vintage. I do a lot of Americana photography, which is photography that captures the old and makes it new again. Many times I go places that have the old rustic look I want. These old gas pumps I actually found in Rogerville, Tennessee. Tennessee is a really good place to go exploring for Americana photography. Americana has become one of my favorite times of photography. It is so much fun because you can get really creative and do a lot with it. The Americana photos especially look good on metal prints. HDR is a great way to edit your Americana images because it brings out the retro and rustic feel in the images.

I love the quote that is placed with today’s image. I think this is something everyone should remember because no one is ever to old to accomplish anything and if you think you are, then that is just an excuse not to challenge yourself and follow your dreams. You should always follow your dreams, set a new dream, and set new goals to achieve. Never get discouraged with yourself because that is what will stop you from doing what you really love. Just trust in God with all your heart if you are afraid to set new dream or goal, He will start you off.

Many Blessings,
Ralphi, Ralphi’s Photography
Check out more of my Americana photos here— https://ralphisphotography.myportfolio.com/americana

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