The Huda Lashes

The Huda Lashes in Scarlett are my new favorite makeup accessory to wear!
Before these Huda lashes I was always hesitate about false lashes. I had tried them a few times before that I had gotten just at Target and always said how uncomfortable they were. I could always feel them on my eyes and was never something I looked forward to wearing.
As you know, I have really short and light eyelashes so I’m always on the lookout for a good mascara, since false lashes always bothered me.
Last week my daughter got her makeup done at Sephora and we discovered that there is lash glue that is latex-free!
Huda Beauty is a favorite brand on the magazine, so I decided why not try the Scarlett Huda Lashes with the new latex-free glue. I will say the Huda Lashes are expensive at $18, but they are DEFINITELY worth the money.
I tried them today on my eyes with the latex-free glue and they are amazing. They are comfortable and easy to apply. I can’t even feel them on and my lashes look full and bold, two of my favorite things to hear when it comes to lashes.
See more on the Huda lashes on my INSTA or SNAP @OriginalCEO
-Tamara, Founder


2 Comments on The Huda Lashes

  1. It maybe old habits on my part, I still prefer Shu Uemura. Their ‘bone’ is softer and easier to place onto my lash line. I find the Huda lash a bit stiff.

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