Kylie Cosmetics vs. Hard Candy Lip Kit

Kylie Cosmetics Head Over Heels Lip Kit vs. the Hard Candy Entitled Lip Kit.
I had so many of you write in the other day when I was wearing the Head Over Heels Matte lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics. It is pricey at $29 plus shipping. I will say though I do love her lip kit. The color goes on smoothly and it stays on throughout the day.
The other day I was at Walmart and stumbled upon the Hard Candy Entitled Lip kit. It was the exact shade as my Kylie cosmetics one at only $6 with NO shipping!
I couldn’t refused. I got it as soon as I saw it and I have to say the packaging is a tin and fits the gloss nicely so I won’t lose it.
The packaging on the Hard Candy is definitely better than the Kylie. On the shades the only difference is the Hard Candy is glossy and the Kylie is matte. But, to me that isn’t a make or break it because both of the products go on nicely.
The Kylie lip kit does come with a lip liner, but with the Hard Candy since it is a gloss a lipliner isn’t needed.
Overall the only difference in these two products is one is a matte finish and one is a gloss finish. But the big price difference plays a huge difference since they are basically the same shade!
Today’s beauty dupe edition is complete. Can you tell a huge difference in these products? I can’t!
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8 Comments on Kylie Cosmetics vs. Hard Candy Lip Kit

  1. Wow! They are very similar! Kylie Cosmetics is quite overpriced anyway. Just stumbled upon your blog today and I love. Liked and subscribed.
    Check out my blog sometime?


    Mena from

  2. Wow that is amazing the colors look the same! Both look beautiful on you!

  3. Whats the longevity like on both of them? And what eyeliner are you wearing? love that color.

  4. I’m so anti gloss, but think I may have to try and get my hands on the Hard Candy! x

  5. I like how the matte one looks, but matte lips are so hard for me!

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