ChapStick Got Cool!

If you have not gone on ChapStick’s website lately you are missing out. If you go on their website you will see ChapStick is fashionable and their products are cool! I have used ChapStick since I was little. I think it was my very first “lipstick.” I was shopping at Walmart recently and at checkout I noticed this new Chapstick Duo and bought it.
I am always looking for a good lip balm to moisturize my lips and honestly had forgotten about good old ChapStick. Chapstick Duo is neat because the idea is to mix and match your favorite flavors by snapping and changing the cartridges.
You need to buy more then one to snap and change the flavors out on it. There are eight flavors to mix and match from. This is my new little obsession and I am going to buy more and have some fun mixing and matching the chapstick flavors.

-Sandra, Contributor


4 Comments on ChapStick Got Cool!

  1. This sounds fab! 💗

  2. Danielle Kay // June 2, 2017 at 11:52 AM // Reply

    This is awesome! 💕

  3. I got mine free from Influenster and I love it 😍

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