Ed Hardey Geisha Palette: TBT Edition

Who remembers Ed Hardey? Well it wasn’t just about his signature hats Ed Hardey came out with a makeup line! I got this Geisha palette about 5-6 years ago right when it came out. I wasn’t too into makeup which is why this palette looks untouched.
I stumbled upon this makeup palette in one of my drawers and decided to share it for Throwback Thursday, makeup edition! This palette is awesome and I wish they made palettes like this now at Sephora. The lights really do light up and still light up even after 5-6 years! It came with 6 eyeshadows in different shades that have a slight shimmer effect to them!
Next, you get lip colors in 6 shades in a variety of colors to achieve different makeup looks. A bronzer and two solid perfume fragrances that smell really good. You also get 2 brushes in the palette too.
I have to say this palette is amazing and the Geisha edition is one by Ed Hardey that is by far my favorite! I want to get a palette like this at Sephora! Look how small the makeup palettes are now compared to everything you got in one palette!
Shows you that now that makeup is popular prices have sky rocketed!
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  1. I had this but in the pink version! I had totally forgetten about it until I saw this, great post 😊

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