Elf Cosmetics: Peach Squad Beauty Dupe Edition

Elf Cosmetics did it AGAIN! This time it’s ONLY $3! Yes, that’s right! This Best Friend Eyeshadow Duo is ONLY $3! I used it today on my eyes and I have to say I love it and when I saw the price I loved it even more! Best Friend Eyeshadow Duo in Peach Squad came in my Beauty Squad box from Elf Cosmetics this month. I tried it this morning, because I love the peach look. I have to say this Peach duo is my new favorite to use. It compares to the Kylie Royal Peach and goes on smoothly. It blends easily and is pigmented. I love mixing these two colors to get that Peach Squad look.
The Peach Squad is sold out online, but don’t worry you can subscribe to get noticed when it’s back in-stock!
I love the fact that one of the colors (the peach) is a matte finish and the other color (the brown) is a shimmer color. Each color offsets the other and looks amazing when blended together like I did today.
To achieve my Peach Squad makeup look I used the Elf Cosmetics Eyelid Primer that is ONLY $2! The eyelid primer is sheer but definitely helps sets your eyeshadows in place, especially in the summertime. The brush is like a lipgloss brush too so it applies the eyelid primer really nice. To achieve my cat eye look today I used the Expert Liquid Eyeliner. It’s ONLY $2 too and the fine tip on the brush allows for the perfect cat eye look!

So to achieve my Peach Squad eye makeup look it’s only $7! CAN YOU BELIEVE It?!
See more of this look on my INSTA and SNAP @HeyitsCarlyRae

-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor 


5 Comments on Elf Cosmetics: Peach Squad Beauty Dupe Edition

  1. You look gorgeous! 😀 xx

  2. I love this makeup look on you! The eyes and the lips really go together nicely 👌🏾 and I love how affordable it is. Great post!

    Pear ||

  3. Definitely LOVE a dupe! x

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