Original Puppy Love

Original: the beginning of a trend. Original: where everything originates.
We are all Original.
What I love most about Original Piece is it is more of a movement to join rather than an actual brand. When you wear one one of our Original tees featuring out Gatsby logo, you are showing you are original. Did you know not one dalmatian is every spotted alike? It’s true, every dalmatian is born without spots and through the years they acquire their spots.
With our Original Piece brand you are setting the original trend. Above is a photo of Original Piece’s actual dalmatian puppy, Gatsby. Be original today and get one of our Original tees and spread the message ORIGINAL! CLICK HERE to shop the tees available for both men and women.
You can also follow Original Piece on INSTA & Snap @OriginalPiece
-Brianna, OGP Stylist

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