Ultimate Brow Stencil Kit: Does It Work?

Wet N Wild Beauty Dupe Edition did it again.

This Ultimatebrow Universal Stencil Kit by Wet N Wild is my new obsession to complete my makeup look. It is ONLY $5.99 for this ENTIRE kit and I have say it’s a steal! It comes with everything you need to get your eyebrows on fleek, even tweezers!
So how does this work? Well first what I did is go through all the different eyebrow shapes. It comes with three different ones. After you pick the one you want you then tweeze away the extra stray hairs on your eyebrows. You then hold the stencil to your eyebrow. What I did next is apply the ‘wax’ that it comes with, which is the bottom color.
After applying the wax you then apply the powder and another layer of the wax to hold the color in place. Once you do that, you apply a highlighter underneath your eyebrow to give your eyebrow a ‘lift’ effect.
One you finish, your look is complete and your eyebrows are on fleek! 🙂 I am a huge fan of this stencil kit. It makes doing your makeup so much easier and you get eyebrow shapes everyone will envy. My eyebrows are already dark but I love this kit but it gives my look a finished effect.
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  1. Interesting! How would compare this to the Anastasia Brow Wiz?

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