Fun in the Sun Gone Red

Fun in the sun is not so fun when you have a reaction to sunscreen. We spent the day at the beach in sunny Florida where sunscreen is very important to wear all the time. We went to the beach on a very sunny and hot day and a no fail sunscreen was very important. I have bought Target brand Sport Sunscreen before and used it on the kids in our backyard pool, which is enclosed with a screen to keep bugs away and does help with some of the sun rays too. Out in full sun and hot sand my little boy had a full blown reaction to the sunscreen with blotchy, red skin. and hives on his back and face. It did not slow him down in the excitement of the beach, but it concerned me.
I went to Walgreens on my way home and got an oatmeal bath and Benadryl and fixed him up when we got home. I believe the Target brand sunscreen is just as good as other sunscreens. My other kids were fine and did not burn but for my little boy who suffers with dry skin and eczema it was a different story. I am going to do my research and find the perfect sunscreen for his sensitive skin so this does not happen again! If any of you Originals’ have experienced this before or know a great sunscreen for sensitive skin protection let me know!

-Tamara, Founder

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  1. Claire Talks Beauty // May 29, 2017 at 11:13 AM // Reply

    I was reading that mineral sunscreen containing titanium dioxide are best for kids than chemical ones. I choose the alba botanica mineral one for my kid.

  2. Thank you! We will give it a try!

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