Fab Fit Fun is FAB

I love getting things in the mail and that’s why I have subscribed to some of the popular subscriptions boxes. It is inexpensive and fun to get something in the mail each month.
However, I have noticed over the passed year some of my subscription boxes have become cheap and boring. I kept seeing an ad on my Facebook for Fab Fit Fun and when I saw a 40% coupon code I decided to signed up.
I received my box within a week and was so pleasantly surprised! This subscription box is a little pricey at $39.00 but how fun it was to open with some really great products! It comes in the mail 4 times a year with personalized, fantastic stuff. You fill out a profile so Fab Fit Fun knows what you like and then just simple wait for the fun in the mail! Worth the money!

Sign-up and get something special in the mail just for you! XOXO

-Tamara, Founder

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