Sweet Dreams Sensorpedic!

Sensorpedic came through with a mattress topper that beat out other brands. I bought a 2 inch memory foam Sensopredic mattress topper from Dillard’s for $200 and was so disappointed in the product. The directions said it took 48 hours to “decompress” and it never “decompressed.” I thought the whole thing was weird and I returned it to Dillard’s. I went to a number places and educated myself on mattress toppers because they are an investment starting at $200 and going up from there.

I ended up back at Dillard’s and instead of getting memory foam I got a 4 inch gel memory foam topper. It did not have to “decompress” and came out of the box ready to use. It was $400 but worth the money with a 15 year warranty. It fixed my rock hard mattress problem and turned it into a perfect mattress that is not to soft and not to hard.  If you are in the market for the perfect mattress topper spend the extra money and get the 4 inch memory foam gel by Sensorpedic. You will love the results!

-Tamara, Founder

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