Go With Gatsby!

It’s Memorial Weekend so that means it’s time to bring out my Original Gatsby tee. The USA Edition is one of my favorites because I love the American theme collar.
The design was inspired for you to be able to wear the tee all year long! It’s one of Gatsby’s favorites too! I bought Gatsby to the beach and we had a beach day wearing the red, white, and blue Gatsby tee. He has definitely gotten a lot bigger and gotten more spots.
It’s Memorial Weekend so as you can see he loved playing the USA ball. But a few seconds after this pic was taken there was a hold in it from him grabbing it…
So many of my INSTA Followers have written in about this Gatsby tee this weekend and you can get yours online for 30% Off by using code USA30
Plus, it’s FREE SHIPPING all weekend long! CLICK HERE TO SHOP on our site! Let me know which tee is your fav!
See more on my INSTA and SNAP @HeyitsCarlyRae

-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor 


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