Up and Up Razor Blade Savings

Razor blades have become an expensive purchase and it does not matter where you buy them they still are expensive. I can’t believe how the cost of shaving supplies for men and women has gone up over the past couple of years. I seriously believe that is why men are wearing beards so they do not have to buy razors and blades.
However, my husband does not have a beard and shaves everyday. We have tried some of the monthly shaving subscriptions hoping that would save us but the quality was not there and did not give my husband a close enough shave.

I was at Target the other day and was looking at shaving supplies and came up with a find. Target Up&Up brand has triple blade razor replacements for the Gillette Match 3. For the Target brand Up&Up replacement blades it was $7.49 for 5 blades verses Gillette Match 3 for $12.99 for 5 replacement blades. By choosing the Target brand I saved about $5.00 and my husband likes them. The Target brand gave him the close shave he likes and we saved, especially using my Target Red Card I got an additional 5% off! Not a bad deal and worth passing on to all our Originals.

-Gina, Writer

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