How Rude Anthropology!

At Original Piece we have the best and most compassionate fashion stylists in store, phone, and online to help. I feel so strongly about it that I would claim we have the best stylists in all of retail.
We all have had a bad experience buying something, whether it be make-up, a refrigerator, or a car. I had a bad experience a few years ago at Anthropology buying a skirt. I do not have a lot of skirts at the store because they are not very popular. Women do not generally go for skirts when shopping but I wanted one to go with a blouse we had in the store. I went into Anthropology and found a skirt I liked but with no price tag. I had to seek out an employee to help me and I had little kids with me, so I really wanted to be fast at this transaction. I found an employee and asked her the price of the skirt. She looked at me and told me I was to old to be shopping at their store! I could not believe it and I turned around and left and started crying. My daughter who is head fashion stylist for Original Piece saw how hurt I was and vowed that we would never treat anyone like I had been treated.
We decided right then and there to make my company the best in customer service and styling for all women at any age.
We all go through ups, downs, a crisis or melt down as we change and age. Clothes and makeup are areas that change with us and they can make us look younger or make us look worse. We all need help and advice because sometimes we are our worse critics.
Needless to say I have never gone back to Anthropology and that girl made me feel awful about myself but only for a few minutes. I decided right then and there that anyone who comes to us for any styling help will leave feeling better about themselves,  more confident and beautiful.
I always remember one of my favorite quotes from Elenor Roosevelt, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
-Tamara, Founder

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