Magic Press Nails

The question I’ve been getting is, ‘OMG! Where’d you get yours nails done?’ Well my secret? I did them!
That’s right! These nails are NOT acrylic and are NOT a gel layover. My nails are actually by Nailbliss and are a press-on gel nail! These nails are absolutely amazing on! They simply stick onto your natural nail! As you know I can’t wear acrylic nails so I am always searching for ways to have fun nails without the painful effects of acrylics.
I got these at Sally’s for ONLY $8.49! These magic press nails are absolutely amazing. I am very hard on my nails and very harsh when it comes to nail reviews, but these nails are perfect! They look just like acrylic nails but your nails are healthy! They last about a week to 5 days for me depending on what I am doing when I wear them. They are a gel finish so they are shiny all the time! They are very durable too so you can do anything with them on! They take about 10 minutes max to apply too.
Above is a photo of what the packaging looks likes! This is right before I started doing my nails! 🙂
You simply get ones that your nails, peel the sticker off (hint the tab part goes by your cuticle), and then stick on. After pressing them on for a few seconds I then use nail clippers and cut the nails to my real nail. Then I file the edges and I’m done. No drying time no nothing! I love these nails!
Right now I’m wearing the Up, Up & Away editions. I love the colors and the sparkles!
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xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor 


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  1. Cool, these are pretty cute!

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