Dream and Believe

Happy Thursday! Today’s inspiration message is one of my favorite quotes by Anatole France; “To Accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream: not only plan, but also believe.” I love what this quote stands for, which is telling the only way to reach our dreams is to work hard, dream, and believe. Everyone needs to know that. Dreams are something you have work to reach with God leading the way.
Today’s photo is of Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. I have shot this location many many times. I wanted to do something different with this scenery, so I did a pano crop and put it in black and white. This scenery is iconic for photographers and fellow locals of Nashville. Nashville is a wonderful place to visit full of so many great things to do and see. Also, this photo was shot at sunset. The most beautiful city sunsets are over the Nashville buildings at this spot in the summer time.
Many Blessings,
Ralphi’s Photography

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  1. Great quote and picture!

  2. Dreaming and believing 💗

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