Kiss My Frogskin’s!

I have worn Oakley Sunglasses since I was a teenager and I love them. I have gotten the very fashionable, pretty sunglasses by top designers and ended up unhappy with the quality or the comfort.
Oakley sunglasses lens quality is superior to other brands in my opinion and there is always a frame design that suits me with my busy lifestyle. My new Oakley sunglasses are custom for $140! This means you build your own ORIGINAL, unique pair and they are hand built just for you.

You start with the type of frame you want, I got FROGSKINS and then you pick your frame color  You then pick your lens color and type and for an extra $20 you can get your lens custom etched. I am styling in my new custom FROGS! I Love my Oakley Sunglasses! They are a great gift for someone or a great gift for yourself!

Tamara, Founder XOXO


2 Comments on Kiss My Frogskin’s!

  1. I have frog skins and love them!

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