Cranberry Toner

Toners are important for skin vitality. Using the right toner is essential. Using no toner and skipping from cleansing to moisturizing cheats your skin because it is not prepped for your moisturizer. I have used lots of astringents and toners but in my opinion I found a toner that is my favorite with a five star rating.

Cranberry Toner by Arcona is an amazing, high quality toner that smells wonderful. Cranberry Toner cleanses and removes impurities that your cleanser does not. It then hydrates and sweeps great antitoxins across your skin leaving your face refreshed and glowing! What is really neat about Cranberry Toner by Arcona is some of the great ingredients, cranberry extract works to clarify, vitamin E works as an antitoxin, and the Rice Milk with Omega 3 and 6 for hydration.

Cranberry Toner by Arcona does not contains toxic ingredients or binders and filers and is paragon free!

Available at Nordstrom for $38.00.

Tamara, Founder XOXO

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