Pop Sockets

I’m sure you’ve seen ‘Pop Sockets’ on Instagram and if you were like me you were curious to see what they actually where. Most importantly if they actually work!
Well, I decided to take the chance and try one for $10. The reason I decided to try it is a I have the iPhone 7S and it does get hard to hold to take a selfie! It’s true! How many of us have a hard time taking a selfie with a huge phone, I definitely do!

At first I applied the Pop Socket at the end of my phone by the charger because on the intrusctions it said it can hold you phone up… WRONG! It didn’t hold my phone up at all and with it so far down it didn’t even help holding it selfie.
I then peeled off the back and moved it higher right above the iPhone logo.
That actually worked perfectly. I popped it out a few times and when I took a selfie or needed an extra grip on the phone, this was a savor!
I definitely recommend the ‘Pop Sockets!’ I got the donut one this time and I love it! Definitely worth the $10!
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xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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  1. I’ve never seen these before, but totally want one now!

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