Encourage Each Other

I love today’s inspirational because it features two white egrets. I have been working on getting a shot like this for a long time in St. Augustine. Bird photography can be so challenging because birds are always on the move. These two egrets were playing together in the trees. It was a windy day when I shot this, so they were moving on and off the tree as the wind came through.
I chose today’s bible verse with this photo because this verse explains the story of these two egrets as they were helping each other to fly, they are in the early stages of learning how to fly. This is a good reminder to always help others and encourage others. You could make the biggest difference in someones life by just paying them a compliment or even just helping them with the smallest task. A little goes a long way. I hope this message inspires you to help someone today!
Ralphi, Ralphi’s Photography

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