Throwback to SunKissed Hair

Throwing it back to the best of the 80’s with Sun In Hair Lightener! It was great to spray in your hair before the beach or laying out by the pool. Never mind the ingredients are water, peroxide, and conditioners. The peroxide is weak but enough to turn brown hair orange and forget Sun In if you have black hair it will not work.
You may be safe to use Sun In if you already have natural blonde hair without hair turning orange, but don’t use on processed blonde hair. Reviews are mixed for the success of blonde hair. For me orange was the color I got and it does not wash out, it has to grow out. Dryness is a hair side effect from using too much Sun In too.

But  for around $4.00 a bottle most tweens and teens are sure to try it in hopes of better results then their moms had.

Sun In is available Walgreens.

-Sandra, Contributor

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  1. Oh I remember this 😂 I rocked the orange too! ✊🏼

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