Original’s Love to Sail

I love our new t-shirt line featuring our logo. If you are not familiar with Original Piece we are the “big little” boutique. Our customers know us for our cute, fashionable dresses, and great fashion stylists to help everyone look their Original best!

Now Original Piece is becoming known for our awesome original designer brand t-shirts. Each design features Gatsby our family Dalmatian and pet. No two Dalmatians have the same spots and not two of us are the same either. He always sports a different themed collar so we always have a different t-shirt to choose from everyday.

The color of the t-shirt, I have on in this photo above, is our watermelon summer fling hue with Gatsby wearing a yellow sailboat collar. This t-shirt went great with my white jeans and Micheal Kors wedges. This outfit was perfect to wear at the Beach Club.

Our designer Gatsby T-shirts are quickly becoming all the rage. Sail on in to Original Piece or go online to and enjoy free shipping and as always buy one and get another for 50% off!

Tamara, Founder XOXO


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