How Hard is it to Really Run a 5K Race

My daughters sign-up to do the 5K runs around our city all the time and really enjoy them. I have always stayed behind using the little kids as an excuse not to run in one.  Then a 5K came up that is near and dear to me that supports breast cancer awareness. I told the girls to sign me up and I am going to do my first 5K run on May 8th!

I run in my home gym that has been torn up getting renovated and just got completed last week. I am getting a new treadmill today but I get a feeling my treadmill will be helpful but not what I totally need to get ready for this race.
I started looking up how to prepare for a 5K run which is actually 3.1 miles and found a helpful website on called  5K run: 7 week training schedule for beginners. I thought this was a good schedule to share because it combines walking, running, and resting as part of training. The only problem is I only have 2 weeks to train not 2 months!
I am going to do a “crash schedule” for beginner 5K runners. One thing I have going for me is I workout on the treadmill 3 times a week and run about 2 miles in 24 -26 minutes per workout. Not the fastest but I workout for cardio and general health and not to actually run a marathon. This week I am going to workout on the treadmill and after looking at the 5K:7-week training schedule for beginners I am picking week 3 and week 6 to train with. I am not going there to win the race. I know I will more then likely be very emotional running this race because it is such a great cause that touches so many women and men. I will keep a training diary about my preparation of my first 5K run and share it on Original Piece Magazine. I will let you know how hard getting ready for a 5K race is in 2 weeks and I will let you know how hard a 5K race is to run for a beginner.

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