Beauty for Your Hands

Hand beauty is something I have thought about but only get a good hand cream and manicure and that is it. Think about how the skin on our hands is used. We do everything with our hands and in a days work they can really get abused. Yet, generally we do not care for our hands like our face. We do not spend the money on high dollar products for our hands. I thought this about week ago when I was at the spa getting a face treatment done. I looked at the products to see if there was a miracle anti-aging hand cream. I know you can use your face creams on your hands, vitamin C, E, and A, but we don’t generally do that. There are some hand creams that promise results but they make my hands feel terrible and I have to wash the product off.

I was at CVS picking up a few things and noticed a hand mask by Beauty 360, which is the CVS brand. For $3.99 I bought one to try. It is a mask that brightens and hydrates your hands with Shea butter and Niacinamide. I was skeptical and it seemed a little hoaxy but I thought what the heck my tired hands needed something. I followed the directions and put the gloves on.

After 20 minutes I took the gloves off and I was surprised. My hands felt so much better! They looked hydrated and the effects lasted. It is not an anti-aging hand mask but it is a great hand mask for moisture. I felt like they looked younger just because they were hydrated.

I love the Beauty 360 Hand Mask and plan on using them to keep my hands moisturized.

Tamara, Founder


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