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Say Hello to the best toothpaste I have found. My little kids hate getting their teeth brushed and there are times I am chasing them down with a toothbrush in hand. They do not like the taste of any of the toothpastes, not even the ones with superhero and princesses on the labels on the box. Then I tried Hello. My littlest boy told me he does not rinse his mouth after brushing because he loves the taste of Hello flourish Bubblegum toothpaste so much. I figured that was great since there is fluoride in it, it could stay right on his teeth and make them stronger. I actually brushed my teeth with the bubblegum kids toothpaste to see why they liked it so much. The taste and texture was great and it made my teeth feel clean and that was with the kids toothpaste!

I quickly looked up this great toothpaste I stumbled upon at Target and since ordered the blue raspberry flavor for the kids and the Fluoride Pure mint and Extra Whitening Supermint for me.

What I love above this toothpaste is it is all natural. There is no animal testing, no GMO products used, and all their ingredients are natural, even the mint flavor, dentist approved and made in the USA!

Tamara, Founder

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