Life is a Camera

Happy Thursday! I think today’s inspirational message is one of my favorites I have done! I was on a photography workshop about a year an half ago when we were up on Foothills Parkways doing a sunrise shoot over the Smoky Mountains. Sunrise in the Smokies is so refreshing and magical! As the sun was coming up, I walked across the street to photograph another shot I saw because the sunrise was on the left side of us, when I looked back and saw my fellow photographers exactly like this, I photographed this moment.
I love capturing silhouettes with a sunrise or sunset. But when I saw this moment, I realized how blessed I felt that God gave me the gift of photography and the ability to photograph His beauty. In that moment, I prayed and thanked God for having photography be apart of my life. Photography has given me more then what I have given it. I have met so many people I am thankful for, been on endless journeys, made millions of memories, and already achieved so much, but most of all it revealed my true self.

Comment below and tell me what your special gift is!
Ralphi, Ralphi’s Photography

1 Comment on Life is a Camera

  1. That is a cool shot and I completely agree with that saying. I have heard that quote before and always liked it.
    For me photography is a big part of who I am. It’s a lifetime learning process but a fun one. 🤗

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