Play! By Sephora Box Review

You know how you so excited for something that you build it up to be something really good? Well, that’s what I did with the Play! By Sephora box. I waited for over a month for the box to come. Overall I read good reviews on the box. I read you get full sized products to try, I was really excited to finally get it!
I went on Sephora and paid $10 for the box and waited for over a month. It finally came yesterday and I have to say I was so disappointed in the box. I couldn’t wait to open it thinking I would get full sized Sephora products to try from the brands they carry.

Sadly, the samples are so small that I think I will one get one maybe two times use out of it. There was no makeup only beauty products to try. But honestly you get bigger samples at Dillards when you try the products out for the first time. Even Ipsy sends full sized items to try and you get a larger selection.
There was also hardly any reading material on the products. Overall I would rate this box a one out of five. It is definitely not my favorite and was something I couldn’t wait to get. I was highly disappointed that this is all Sephora could send.
In my opinion, this box is not worth getting. I will get it one more time and let you guys know if it improves, but so far this is not something I am a fan of.
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor


2 Comments on Play! By Sephora Box Review

  1. I felt that same way when I waited for 7 months to get off the wait list and got my first box. The samples were super tiny and one was an empty box! They ended up refunding the entire box which was nice so I gave it another two months then cancelled. It never got any better for me. The little bags were cute but I was getting much better stuff with Ipsy and Glossybox at that time.

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