Laura Geller’s Quench-n-Tint

Laura Geller’s Quench-n-Tint is a hydrating foundation available in three shades. The foundation is  creamier then tinted moisturizers, but not as heavy as a liquid foundation. It is the perfect hybrid of the two. While I love tinted moisturizers, sometimes they leave a film on the face, making it difficult to apply make-up.
At times, my liquid moisturizer can give my face a dry feeling. The hydrating foundation is the perfect solution. The foundation can be applied with your fingers, sponge, or foundation brush. It glides on smoothly and blends very easily. It is easy to build a full face with highlighter, bronzers, and blush. The foundation feels very lightweight. It is the perfect choice, if you are going to be outdoors because it doesn’t run or cake on your face. My only criticism is the foundation does not have SPF. Living in Florida, I wear SPF everyday. Make sure you apply your SPF before the Quench-n-Tint to block those UV rays! Hopefully, Laura Geller releases a 2.0 Quench-n-Tint with SPF…
Nina, Original Stylist

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  1. Oooh, I’ll have to try this!

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