All about that…. necklace

For Easter Sunday I had so many messages about my outfit (as pictured below) and where I got my necklace from because it matched perfectly. Well, truth is I didn’t plan on that to happened, I first got the dress from Original Piece.

Then, I saw matching gladiator sandals at Target and I knew had to get the shoes that were only $24 to go with it! They even have the matching tassels.
Next, I thought about accessories. I got this choker necklace from Ettica Jewelry since I’m one of they ambassadors. I picked this necklace out last month because I loved the bright colors for summer. I went with the choker because let’s face it, chokers are all the rage right now and I didn’t have one yet.
When I saw the dress and started thinking about what to wear with it, I remembered this necklace and thought how perfect it would go with it! So instantly my outfit all came together from head to toe!
The necklace really tied in the whole outfit and gave it an extra trendy touch I love. See more on my INSTA: @HeyitsCarlyRae

xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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