NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow

With the whimsical, unicorn make-up trend this spring, I choose to get the NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow in shade Lunar. The eyeshadow is paraben and sulfate- free. It is a fairy inspired shimmering pastel purple.
The eyeshadow goes on sheer with lots of sparkle. For the look shown, I decided to get a shimmering, smokey plum eye by using Lunar as a base and top color while using other shades of purple to create the “smoke.” NARS did not disappoint.

This shadow is pigmented and crease resistant, yet it is easy to layer, blend, and buildable. These shadows are perfect for summer with a tan. You can  apply it by itself add a little bit of mascara, and you have a trendy, care-free summer eye!
-Nina, Original Stylist

1 Comment on NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow

  1. Wow! What a pretty color on you!

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