Gel Nails for $8? Say WHAT?!

As most of you know I love nail designs! Everything and anything I absolutely love all the glitters the ombre designs and most of the different shape nails. The only problem is most of these amazing designs require acrylic nails and I’m highly allergic to acrylic nails.
I got acrylic nails about eight months ago and a few hours after getting them done my nails started to throb. Everything hurt them. I took ibophron to calm the sensation and get my nails to stop hurting because let’s face it acrylic nails and designs and gel aren’t cheap. Now it’s usually over $50 to get all that done.
I ended up leaving them through the night but the next morning I couldn’t even touch my coffee cup! I had a photoshoot on location that morning I got through hardly able to touch anything and then I went right back to the nail salon.I just wanted them off! But that took well over an hour and hurt really bad! When they were finally off it took a week for my nails to feel better and then it took about five months for them to grow out because I later developed a bump in my nail bed.
Finally they are back to normal!
A good solution to use on your nails instead of going through all that is NailBliss! I saw these at Sally’s Beauty and decided to try them because they were $8 and they have that gel effect and come in so many different designs!
I have to say I love these. My nails don’t hurt! They are durable and feel just like a gel nail but are so much cheaper! You have to make sure you put them on a clean nail and press them on. Be sure to cut the nail directly too  your own nail. The first time I made the mistake of leaving them long but they have a sticky coat on the back to everything stuck to my nails.
They don’t require any glue just stick on and file the nail and your ready to go!
So far I’ve had these on a few days now and I love them! I can’t wait to go back and get more!
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xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor


2 Comments on Gel Nails for $8? Say WHAT?!

  1. Ooooh that sounds amazing, definitely want to give it a try. I’ve always noticed their shade range is so pretty xx

  2. Cool! I’ll have to try these, as lately my nails just won’t grow.

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