Just a Katy Kat Girl

Today for my makeup look I decided to try the new Katy Kat Eye in Perry Blue by CoverGirl. The blue was almost sold out so I decided to give a color a try. I got the 360 degree all-day cat eye mascara that gives ’10x volume’ on your eyes.
Well, I’m officially reviewing it and I have to say I definitely recommend this mascara. The tip of the brush has a swirl design that allows the color to fully go on your lashes and It keeps a volume on your lashes too.
I tested out putting 3-4 coats on my lashes and there was zero clumping! You know that’s always a HUGE plus when it comes to mascara.
I wore this Katy Kat Eye mascara with my Royal palette from Kylie Cosmetics. I put the blue underneath my eye and kept the gold tone on my lid to bring out the cobalt effect today. This is my new favorite makeup look for spring!

It’s a fun beauty dupe that’s easy to achieve and the Katy Kat Eye is definitely something I recommend if your have been searching for colored mascara like I have.
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-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor


5 Comments on Just a Katy Kat Girl

  1. This makeup look is insane! The gold and blue really contrast and it looks amazing. Lovely post.

    Pearl ||

  2. That looks so gorgeous on you! Definitely inspiring me to try out blue mascara. Loved reading this x
    my latest post ♡

  3. Wow, this is really a gorgeous look. I always love a pop of blue on the eyes! xoxo Sarah

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