The Case of Christ Movie Review

  This Easter, PureFlix has brought out a new film called The Case of Christ. Their all new movie was released last week in theaters everywhere. Today, I went and saw The Case of Christ in theaters. I am one that never misses a PureFlix movie, I have watched probably every single one of their films and their new film is their best work yet. A movie of emotion, holiness, uplifting, and power that will move you.

The Case For Christ brings you into a world where you feel presence of a man who is a bold public atheist and you get to watch a man change into a believer. You get to go deeper and explore this mans point of view who is trying to prove that Jesus and God do not exist and Jesus did not die on the cross, however it ends with just the opposite. Lee Strobel is a famous and award-winning journalist from Chicago who writes for the Chicago Tribune, who has a wife and a kids of his own. Lee thought he had everything going for him, until one day his wife experienced a God thing and was reborn again. Lee did not accept his wife’s choice nor did he accept God being talked about in his life.

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Lee struggled and believed that if he were to prove that Jesus did not exist and present his research to his wife, he would have his wife back for he feared his wife, Leslie loved God more then him. Lee only believed in something if there are facts to prove it. Little did he know that there are facts to prove the existence of Jesus and God. Lee traveled all over the country and spoke with many historians, researchers, scientist, doctors, authors, and believers to try and prove that Jesus did not exist. Lee didn’t realize that the answer was right in front of him. I think what amazed me most about the film is that Lee Strobel is a dedicated atheist, but he talked as if God did exist and knew there was a God, but just did not want to embrace or accept the fact that there really is a God.
I won’t spoil it to much for you, but I will tell you that this is one of pure excellence in movies and a must-see this Easter. You will experience how atheism has no power over Christianity. The actors and actresses are outstanding on how they brought these characters to life and makes you feel as if you were an eyewitness to these events. Mike Vogel definitely made is best performance of his career so far in this film.

      The Case of Christ is based on a true story and takes places in the 1980s. I will not set out any spoilers, but if you go and watch this powerful film, stay until the end where you can see the striking thing that Lee Strobel did in his real life. He longer was a dedicated atheist, nor journalist any longer. You can view photos of the real characters after the film. This film will give you an all new perspective because it expresses true faith and love. It changes the definition of what an atheist proclaims and defines it as Christianity. This film takes you on a man’s journey from darkness to light.

Comment below and tell me if you have seen The Case of Christ.

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