Beauty Dupe: Better Than Sex Vs. Great Lash

Beauty Dupe Alert!
So as you guys know I love mascara’s and makeup. I tried the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and at first as you saw in my previous article I really liked it. But as I used it for about a week my lashes started falling out! I was really surprised and I didn’t really see a huge difference in my lashes with the Better Than Sex Mascara. It was $23 at Ulta Beauty so it was pricey for that to happen. Overall after using this product for about a week I wasn’t too impressed with it.
Another option, one that is my favorite is the Maybelline, Great Lash mascara with the heart design tip. It works amazing and no matter how many coats I apply it never clumps. It always makes my lashes look full! My eyes never burn when I use this mascara and it always stays all day long. It gives my lashes an extra volume that I love. I use it in Blackest Black and it’s only $6.40!
Comparing both of them I definitely recommend the Great Lash. First, it’s only $6.40 for an amazing mascara that I can use for well over a month to two months. It makes my lashes look full and it leaves them looking like I’m fake lashes and I’m not!
Between the TWO do yourself a favor and use this beauty dupe article as a way to save when you are shopping for mascara or looking for a new one to try. I always get to many comments on my instagram and on the articles I post about my lashes and this is my beauty secret!
‘MAYBE IT’S MAYBELLINE’ is so right an awesome!
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  1. I definitely think that mascara beats the Better Than Sex, Better Than Sex clumps on me way too much!

  2. This is good to know. I don’t use either of these, but do use other products by Maybelline and Too Faced..I’m going to try it out..thanks for the tip!

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