Laura Geller’s For the love of Chocolate

One of my favorite makeup brands is Laura Geller. I watched her on QVC, launching one of her make-up lines about two years ago and was hooked. I liked her and her company. I love her make-up for a number of reasons, one being all her mineral makeup is baked in terra-cotta squares for 24 hours too insure the rich colors you see.
Her products are made in her factory in Italy not China. She designs her makeup to give women flawless skin for all ages. Her makeup goes on smooth with no irritation. I have never experienced  burning or itching to my skin or eyes using her makeup. She chooses colors that all women can enjoy and she stays right on top of the fashion industry of makeup and introduces colors and products that are trendy.

 I get Laura Geller’s  awesome kits on auto delivery every 3 months. Her kits include seven makeup products that are exclusive only to that kit. If you are interested in signing up for her exclusive auto delivery kit visit her Facebook page or her social media to see when she offers auto delivery for these kits. They are only available through QVC for a limited time and when they are gone they are gone.

I love getting mine in the mail. I save mine to open just for the right time when I need a “pick me upper” and want a present for myself!
This kit is awesome and is called For the Love of Chocolate. If you are a make-up buff and even if you are not and never know what make up to buy let Laura Geller help you and make wearing make-up wonderful.

-Tamara, Founder


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