Basic Summer Bra Picks

As a stylist, a question I hear almost everyday is “What bra do I wear with this dress?” There are so many bra options out there! It can be overwhelming, even to us in the fashion/retail industry.  Summer brings plunging necklines, criss-cross backs, and thin straps. Knowing what bra to wear with your dress or top will help you embrace the trends and wear each style with confidence:
Cover-ups: The cover-ups are your least supportive option. However, they are the best solution to a plunging neckline. Cover-ups are easy to find, affordable, and re-wearble. I recommend going with a silicone option, so the material lays smoothly against any fabric.
Sticky Bra: There are a lot of misconceptions with the sticky bra! Many customers confide in me, their fear is the bra is going to fall off and reveal an awkward situation! The sticky bra is my go-to solution. I have worn the sticky bra in the middle of Florida’s HOT summers, and I have never had any issues with the bra not sticking. The trick is not to put moisturizers on before or while you are wear the bra. The sticky bras are sized by your cup size. Again, these are re-wearable and I would recommend going with the silicone option. Being re-wearable the sticky will wear off, and if you feel the sticky is wearing off it is time to invest in a new bra. My bra usually last a season (3 months), and I am a frequent wearer.
Bando Bras: There are several bando bra options from materials to styles. This summer several dresses have a looser fit underneath the arms, bando bras are a great fix! You can coordinate your bando bra to match your outfit. If you are nervous about coordinating colors, keep a black, nude, and white in your closet and you can never go wrong! Many clients who need more support then a sticky bra can offer, go with the bando bra.
I hope this article helps you with your summer bra questions. Leave your comments below, if you have any questions.
-Nina, Original Stylist

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