Axe is the New Black

Axe is a favorite among guys of all ages. One reason is because it is available at most stores, even the grocery store. The price is great and the smell is lasting. There are lots of scents to choose from depending on what type of guy your guy thinks he is, Sporto, Jocko, geek, or sleek.
Us girls think most Axe products smell all about the same, but the guys have their favorite Axe scents. Another reason the guys like the Axe product is the shape of their bottles, all easy to grip and store in their gym bags. Black is designed to be a little more sophisticated for a business meeting, luncheon, or important date. It is fresh smelling with combination of rosemary, bergamot, and cedar wood. The guys are going to love the new Axe Black!

-Gina, Contributor


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