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Happy Sunday! I am so excited about today’s photo! Over the weekend I tested out my new Canon 1DX Mark ii! This photo featured in today’s inspirational message is of three pelicans in flight. I shot this photo at 1/800 of a second. The 1DX can shoot up to 16 frames a seconds, making it the fastest camera on the market right now!

This photo was shot along the Guana River in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The wind was blowing really bad on Friday, but when I approached the pelicans to photograph them, the wind kept blowing them back into my frame! 🙂
I love today’s message shared in my photo. It is such an encouragement and inspirational to follow your dreams with great confidence and live the life you dream. Pelicans are characters, but when you see them fly, they always fly with confidence and go in the direction to reach their destination, like how you.
Ralphi, Ralphi’s Photography

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