Trophy Skin is Great

I believe that it is important to keep your skin healthy. I also believe using just one favorite anti-aging cream for years will not keep you from aging. I have always believed in using a cocktail of products so your face does not become “immune” to your favorite product. I also believe that creams and potions alone will not keep the wrinkles away.

I find besides skin creams that non-surgical anti-aging treatments  keep my face in tip top shape.

However, you do not always have to go to the spa and spend hundreds of dollars to get the latest non-surgical procedures and results. At home microdermabrasion machines are awesome and really do a good job. They can be professional grade and a good at home machine will have positive results that are noticeable. This is my second at home microdermabrasion machine (my first one wore out) and I use mine as part of my weekly beauty routine. It works great and you will love it. Microdermabrasion treatments increase cell turnover production. It is a great anti-aging treatment for fine line, wrinkles, dark spots and scarring from acne.

Trophy Skin Microderm MD is an excellent machine and professional grade at home system. I love mine and the results I get are impressive. For about $300 the Trophy Skin MicrodermMD will give you the result you expect and will pay for itself in no time. Spas can charge anywhere from $100 dollars and up for microdermabrasion treatments Trophy Skin will pay for itself in no time. Invest in a good micro abrasion machine and see the results!

-Sandra, Writer

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